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Support the successful delivery of the Championships

Thank you for your interest in joining us at the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022.

1. World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 - Transport Services Provider

The LOC for the WGC2022 is undertaking a procurement exercise to identify and appoint a Transport Services provider to deliver the local ground transport solutions for the event.

This will be a single company / team to plan, source, manage and deliver the whole end to end transport operations for the championships. To include athletes, officials, FIG staff, team staff, LOC, VIP’s. Using the supplier’s industry knowledge, as part of the tender, WGC2022 welcomes feedback and recommendations around further innovative transport operations and solutions which they feel will work well for the Championships, with a particular interest in sustainable travel.

WGC2022 are looking for tenders from suppliers who can clearly meet the following key selection criteria as a minimum: A strong track record of developing, planning and delivering a full service transport solution for similar style of events and will draw upon the Championships, values, and objectives including;

  • Place athletes at the heart, 
  • Showcase the sport of gymnastics to new audiences,
  • Showcase the city of Liverpool as a global host and destination,
  • Showcase transport solutions which are efficient and sustainable e.g Position the event as world-leading, innovative and ethically responsible.

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