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Posted 10.07.20 in News

WGC2022 Volunteers Ready To Make It An Event To Remember

This week (1st – 7th June) is Volunteers’ Week, and to mark the occasion we have spoken to a selection of our fantastic volunteer workforce who will be supporting in delivering an outstanding event at the M&S Bank Arena in October.

With up to 600 roles being created as part of the Championship’s volunteer programme, the workforce will be driving the event across five core departments: spectator services, digital & media, sport, hospitality and event operations.

Taryn Guy, a recent graduate of sports science about to begin her masters in strength and conditioning, has a special reason behind her commitment to making the World Championships a fantastic and inclusive event:

“My mum and I always used to watch the gymnastics together, and I used to take part in the sport as a child so it’s a true connection for me that inspired me to want to volunteer. Unfortunately, my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I want to make her proud by volunteering.

“I’m hoping to have her watching from the arena, enjoying how incredible the event will be with world class gymnasts competing in Liverpool and with my contribution as a volunteer supporting the event for everyone to enjoy. It’s a big moment for the city, and as a local coming from Liverpool I am so excited to be a part of it.”

Another passionate volunteer looking forward to one more major sporting event in the UK is Penney Bell, who has worked on events including the London 2012 Paralympics and Glasgow World Gymnastics Championships 2015. Penney went on to volunteer in 2013 at the Belfast based 2013 World Police and Fire Games following a serious house fire, to honour those who supported her – and is now an avid volunteer who loves to work on the biggest sporting competitions:

“I absolutely love volunteering – you get to see so many aspects of the event that you might not normally see, the ‘behind the scenes’ and how much hard work goes into making competitions a brilliant experience. I have enjoyed it every time I have volunteered at major events - I prefer being in the middle of the action and you know you are making a real difference in making that event happen.

“I am so passionate about volunteering I would shout it from the rooftops. Whether you are an experienced volunteer, or a complete first timer, you can see how much people enjoy experiencing a major competition from a different perspective. It has given me so much, and the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 will no doubt be incredible to be a part of.”

Jonny Henderson, parent to avid gymnastics enthusiasts who take part in the sport recreationally, is stepping into his first major event volunteer role as his way to give back to the sport that has given his daughters so much joy. Reflecting on his inspiration to get involved and why volunteers deserve much credit for grassroots sport across the UK, Jonny said:

“I am currently involved with the FA in a coach educator role but stepped away from football to spend more time with my family. My daughters love gymnastics, and I have acting as a ‘Dad Taxi’ taking them to clubs to take part in the sport. To be involved in a professional sporting event, I’m hoping to help the World Gymnastics Championships in welcoming more people into the sport and inspiring children to take part in gymnastics.

“I’ve always been interested and fully active in sport, and I think people don’t always appreciate the amount that goes into sport on a voluntary level. In many cases, it falls on people, parents and coaches to make things happen and ensure everyone can be active – and I’m proud to be part of the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 to help deliver an event that inspires more young people to engage with sport.”

Kate Halliday, the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 Workforce Manager, voiced her excitement to continue working with the competition’s volunteering workforce in delivering an outstanding event:

“These are just some of the amazing volunteers in our workforce of almost 600 people, and we are delighted to have amassed a diverse and dynamic group of people who will be integral to the success of the event.

“We are so passionate about the difference that volunteers make to sport and to events, and we want to leave a lasting legacy, with volunteers being an integral part of this ambition. As the world looks to Liverpool, we are excited to work together in creating a memorable experience for spectators, gymnasts and the city.”