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Posted 10.07.20 in News

WGC2022 Volunteer Role Offers Announced

We are delighted to announce that up to 600 volunteers have been selected to help make the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 happen in October.

The WGC2022 Volunteer programme includes five main role departments. These are; Event Operations (this includes Accommodation, Accreditation, Spectator Services, Sports Presentation, Ticketing, Transport and Workforce), Commercial, Sport, Digital and Media and Hospitality/Protocol. Volunteers have been allocated roles based on their successful interview phase and will represent the championships at the M&S Bank Arena later this year.

As part of the WGC2022 Volunteer Programme, the Championships have teamed up with Community Integrated Care in the Liverpool region to provide opportunities for individuals with different care needs to help bring to life WGC2022 through a variety of volunteering roles.

WGC2022 Volunteer Selection Assistant, Sue Curtis said:

“I was lucky to be part of the team who interviewed the volunteers for the championships, it was great fun meeting and chatting to such a wonderful mix of volunteers; from the complete new first-time volunteer, to returning volunteers after a break alongside those with loads of previous experience. Congratulations to all the volunteers on receiving your role offer, as a volunteer you will be at the heart of the championships and we can’t wait to welcome you to the team”

Congratulations to all the amazing volunteers selected, and welcome to the WGC2022 Volunteer Team!

More information about the event here