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Posted 10.07.20 in News

FIG announces media registration timelines for World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is pleased to announce the timelines for media accreditation requests for its major events during the second half of the year.

World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 (GBR) 29 October – 6 November

Members of the international and local media must register via https://media.gymnastics.sport.

Timeline: Tuesday, 9 August – Tuesday, 20 September

Applications for the specific event can only be submitted within the listed timelines.

Each LOC will provide information on visa applications, accommodation and transport specific to the respective event. Please refer to the summary chart for contact details.

Application procedures and policies

In order to apply for media accreditation via https://media.gymnastics.sport, media representatives must create an account on the platform. Each email address can only be used to create a single account. If an account already exists but cannot be accessed, media representatives are requested to use the password recovery function instead of creating another account.

A practical guide can be found here.

Only complete applications will be considered for media accreditation. Applicants can view the status of their registration within the portal and will be notified by email after the registration period if their request has been accepted or rejected.

For details on media accreditation policies, media professionals are requested to refer to the FIG Media Rules – Part 1 and the appendices